Transcend Trauma, Transform Your Pain

Transcend your trauma, and transform your pain and depletion into your most empowered state of being.

6 Modules

Journal Prompts

Journaling can be a powerful way to tap into feelings, emotions, and dreams we may not consciously be thinking. Allow yourself complete freedom of expression, not judging yourself for what comes up and releasing the need to control the outcome/product. Enjoy the process in whatever way is meaningful to you.

I love to cozy up with a cup of tea after the kids have gone to bed with my heating pad in my meditation corner, or reclined on my sofa or bed. I enjoy short guided meditations on InsightTimer (Headspace, Calm, and YouTube are also wonderful collections). 

Meditations and Breathwork

Guided meditations, breath work, and other grounding activities are a powerful way to return to self and transform pain into curiosity.


The idea behind crafting scripts is to rewire the neurological pathways in the brain. Over time, when we experience chronic pain, we tend to develop thought loops that reinforce messaging that shackles us to our pain. Changing our pain story and identity begins with changing the internal monologue.

Now that you've gone through the journal prompts and become more aware of your own personal inner monologue, it's now time to flip the script and transform the conversation you have with your body.

This is very personal, everyone's will look different. This is why I believe developing your own will be the most powerful. To get your started, I've created a rough outline with a fill-in-the-blank style template. Use this as a jumping off point, and remember that this will change and adapt as you move deeper into your healing. You can find the text below, and a printable if you prefer.

Self-Massage for Returning to Self

Massage is a powerful way to reconnect with your body. Professional sessions are amazing, but self-massage is uniquely powerful. I always encourage my clients and others to develop a self-massage practice as a way to heal your relationship with your body, transform pain, and release stored trauma.

NOTE: To dive deeper into the world of self-massage and self-bodywork, make sure to check out my Self-Bodywork course.


Enjoy some music while you're journaling and/or giving yourself massage. I like to play it softly so I can still tune into my body. 

Check out my Spotify playlist HERE (please don't share it with others)

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