6 Weeks to Clarity and Abundance - A Mastermind for Service-Based Healers

Fall 2022 session will be held on Tuesdays 10am-11:30am, September 20th - October 25th

Are you looking for more clarity and abundance for your Healing practice? Join us for a journey to create the business of your dreams. Includes 6 weekly 90-min small group coaching calls, covering topics such as attracting ideal clients, pricing, designing offerings, authentic marketing & networking, effective manifesting strategies and more. Also included is six weeks of virtual content, a facilitated group chat, and an exclusive private guidance option. 

You'll walk away with tangible and simple to implement strategies for up-leveling your business that feel authentic to YOU. 

What is included?

  • 6 weekly 90-minute group calls (hybrid model with online and in-person option)
  • Weekly content to help you dive into the content before calls
  • A facilitated group chat to explore further and support one another
  • Option for a private 1-1 guidance call

What do the calls look like?

Calls will begin with a check-in, each person is encouraged to share their wins and what they're working on. Jenelle will then facilitate a discussion on the topic for that week. We'll conclude with everyone sharing 1-2 things they will commit to working on over the next week. Supportive community and accountability.

What does the content here look like?

  • A mixture of video and written content on each module.
  • Activities, journal prompts, and opportunities to dive deeper
  • Additional resources (including guided meditations, books, and articles on the topics)

From Jenelle:

Hi! I'm so glad you're here and considering joining us. I have been a Healer for ten years, my modalities include bodywork, massage therapy, energy medicine, and spiritual guidance. I've spent years healing myself and building my practice, investing money and my heart and soul into building a business of my dreams. I've done the uncomfortable work about money mindset, business development, and everything you see covered here. I intend to guide you through the process I've gone through to build a business I fall more deeply in love with every day. One of clarity and abundance. I can't wait to share it with you!

6 Modules

Build the Foundation of Your Practice: YOU

The journey to creating your most abundance Healing practice begins with the most important puzzle piece: you! The foundation of a successful Healing practice is rooted in the practitioner's own healing and self-care. Learn strategies for developing deeply transformative systems of care.

Attract Your Ideal Clients by Finding Your Zone of Bliss

Get clear on who it is you want to serve by defining your zone of bliss. We will go beyond the concept of "finding your niche" to dive into who it is that lights you up. Deeper than defining your "ideal client" and more of an exploration of who and what brings you joy.

Your zone of bliss is the junction of how you naturally show up in the world, what your unique gifts are, and what lights your fire. Connecting with others as they share their own journey will inspire and encourage you.

Offerings, Pricing, Money Mindset

Here we dive into the nitty-gritty details, centered around how we logistically create the business of our dreams. We'll explore discomfort in talking about money, charging for our healing services, and how to design service offerings to bring the most joy. We'll tap into your intuition on what you're in this world to do and be. 

This will also be a great time to ask questions about topics like discounts, continuing exploration, and inviting more play into your business. 

Creative and Authentic Marketing and Networking: Visibility & Connection

If you get discouraged by traditional avenues of marketing and networking? Likely it's because our traditional models of business are rooted in patriarchy and capitalism. We're going to step out of those confines and exploring creative ideas for being authentic while building your business. You'll gain tools for finding your authentic voice and presence when marketing and networking for your business. We'll explore topics like:

  • Where you want to show up (online, group, etc).
  • How to celebrate your personality.
  • How to build connections with others who will support and inspire you in your business.
  • How to creatively and authentically market your business.
  • How to treat your practice like a business while still being true to you.
  • How to release blockages around showing up authentically.

 It will be a fun, engaging, and inspiring conversation.

Dream Big and Manifest Freedom

If you have a dream or a vision, it is on your heart for a reason that you're meant to explore. Here we will implement systems for allowing you to dream big, and invite in all of the abundance you desire.

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